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EAUMF Global Health Program is based in Elmina, Ghana and provides learning opportunities for pre-med students, medical students and primary care residents who wish to spend 2 -12 weeks in patient care settings to understand individual, community, and organizational behaviors and change processes in cross-cultural and developing countries settings as a foundation for planning appropriate primary health care programs.The program has been providing global health learning and practice opportunities for over 10 years and has over 200 alumni at all levels of learning within health care training disciplines. Opportunities for interdisciplinary learning are a core aspect of the program.

The program is conducted in partnership with the local District Health Service and learners work alongside local health care providers, including public health nurses, physician assistants and physicians. Opportunities exist for learning in Maternal and Child Health, Primary Care Outpatient services, HIV Prevention, Laboratory Medicine, Mental Health and General Surgery.

Opportunities exist for applying relevant social and behavioral theories to diagnose and understand individual, social network, organizational, community, and policy-maker behaviors associated with the planning, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of community-based primary health care programs.

On completion of the program, learners find that they are able to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and sustainability of disease control programs and policies for major causes of death and disability in developing countries and discuss program and policy implementation obstacles and approaches to overcoming them.

This experience in culture and medicine provides the skills needed to practice population based health interventions in refugee, immigrant and rural communities in North America. It helps learners at different levels appreciate the complexity of the social, economic, medical, political, and environmental determinants of health.


Since 2003 participants in the year round EAUMF Program have included: Pre-medical students from Sweden, The Caribbean and the United States; Medical students from New Zealand, Mayo Medical School, University of Minnesota, Cornell-Weil, University of Alabama School of Medicine and Florida State University School of Medicine, USA; Resident Physicians from University of West Virginia, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY, Cedars Sinai Medical School, LA, University of Alabama Family Medicine Residency and Harvard Medical School; Nurses from Ontario, Canada; Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO and Seattle, WA and Specialist Physicians in the fields of cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, surgery and pediatrics from programs and practices in Australia, Philadelphia, New York and California. Allied Health Professionals in physiotherapy and nutrition from Canada and the USA have also been participants.

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