Elmina (Edina) is an historic town settled in the 12th century by migrating Akans from the North West. European contact and trade was first consolidated in 1482 with the construction of St. George’s Castle (Elmina Castle). At that time, it was the largest European architectural structure in Sub -Saharan Africa. It is the oldest of the 34 Castles and Forts on Ghana’s coastline used in the ignominious Trans - Atlantic Slave Trade. Elmina Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is rural yet with good access to two cities; Cape Coast, 10 miles to the east and Sekondi-Takoradi 40 miles to the west. The district is rich in wonderful beaches, resorts, culture, festivals, hiking opportunities, and with easy access to the University of Cape Coast campus and other sites of interest. EAUMF operates the Elmina - Java Museum, one of the oldest private museums in Ghana, preserving Elmina's history and heritage.