November 12, 1990: The Ghana Stock Exchange is established

Official operations of the exchange were scheduled to begin on January 1, 1991. The exchange was incorporated in July 1989 with trading commencing in 1991. It currently lists 42 equities (from 37 companies) and 2 corporate bonds. All types of securities can be listed. Criteria for listing include capital adequacy, profitability, spread of shares, years of existence and management efficiency. The GSE is located within the Cedi House in Accra.

Since its inception, the GSE's listings have been included in the main index, the GSE All-Share Index. In 1993, the GSE was the sixth best index performing emerging stock market, with a capital appreciation of 116%. In 1994 it was the best index performing stock market among all emerging markets, gaining 124.3% in its index level. 1995's index growth was a disappointing 6.3%, partly because of high inflation and interest rates. Growth of the index for 1997 was 42%, and at the end of 1998 it was 868.35 (see the 1998 Review for more information). As of October 2006 the market capitalization of the Ghana Stock Exchange was about 111,500 billion cedis ($11.5 billion). As of December 31, 2007, the GSE's market capitalization was 131,633.22 billion cedis. In 2007, the index appreciated by 31.84%

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