November 17, 1919: Gov. Gordon Guggisberg presents a 10 year development plan for the Gold Coast

Brigadier-General Sir Frederick Gordon GuggisbergKCMGDSO, (20 July 1869 – 21 April 1930) was a senior Canadian-born British Army officer and British Empire colonial administrator. He published a number of works on military topics and Africa. In 1919, Guggisberg was appointed Governor of the Gold Coast. There he energetically undertook works of development and extension of railways, and created the deep-water harbour of Takoradi, superseding the use of surf-boats for handling traffic. In 1923 he commissioned the construction of Accra's Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the finest and most modern institution of its kind in colonial Africa at the time. During his time in the Gold Coast, as during his time in Nigeria, Guggisberg was lucky to be able to benefit from the advice of the geologist Albert Ernest Kitson, who took a keen interest in developing local infrastructures. On November 17, 1919, he presented the first visionary plan of development for the Gold Coast.