November 2, 1950: CPP wins all seats in the Kumasi Town Council Elections

From the Hansard, House of Commons Gt. Britain-November 3, 1950

Mr. Fenner Brockway …”My third point refers to the Gold Coast. I saw with regret an article published in the "Daily Telegraph" recently not only over the name of the hon. Member for Hornsey (Mr. Gammans) but also over the name of an hon. Member who sits upon these benches. I hope that we shall not determine the democratic rights of the colonial countries by our agreement or disagreement with the parties which have strength in those countries. I have in my hands a telegram, received this morning, declaring that the Convention People's Party in the Gold Coast, as a result of the Kumasi municipal elections yesterday, holds 6,210 votes against 50 votes in opposition. When a party has that kind of support, which is occurring again and again in elections in the Gold Coast, it is time its leaders were released from prison; and those releases should take place before the coming general election so that they have an opportunity to appeal to the people”.