January 11, 1963: A Special Court was established to hear cases on security threats to the state

A special court was set up to hear cases regarding threats to the security of the state. This court presided over by chief justice, Sir Arku Korsah, and two judges of the supreme court, W. B. Van Lare and Akufo Addo heard the trial of the Kulungugu bomb suspects in December 1963. 

Nkrumah also used the assassination attempt to strengthen further his political power by holding a referendum to make two amendments to the constitution. One was to give the president the power to dismiss judges for reasons that appeared sufficient, and the other was to de facto make Ghana a one-party state. According to the government, a 93 percent voter turnout in this controversial referendum overwhelmingly supported these changes. At this time, most opponents of the CPP had fled the country or were in detention. Officially, in 1963 there were 586 people in preventive detention.

On this very day, another bomb exploded at a CPP rally at the Accra Sports Stadium shortly after Nkrumah had left the scene. This explosion killed over twenty people and more than four hundred people were injured; among the victims were children of the Young Pioneer movement. This was the 4th bomb explosion between September 18, 1962 and this date.