January 24, 1824: Osei Yaw Akoto becomes King of Ashanti

Osei Tutu Kwamina Asibe Bonsu ascended to the Golden Stool in 1800 and presided over the most sustained expansion of the Asante Empire during his reign until his death on January 21, 1824, the same day that his army killed Governor Sir Charles McCarthy of the Gold Coast at the Battle of Nsamankow.

He was succeeded by his younger brother Osei Yaw Akotoo on January 24, 1824. In the short period of months, on June 21st 1824 his army came within 5 miles of Cape Coast which caused great fear among the Fantis and their allies the British. By early August 1824, he was leading his army in what was to be known as the Battle of Dodowa, where both he and his heir apparent Kwaku Dua were injured on the battlefield.