January 5, 2012: The Progressive Peoples Party applies formally for registration.

The Progressive Peoples Party (In Akan: Kɔ anim ɔmanfo Apontow) was formed following a declaration on 28 December 2011 by Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom for progressive and independent-minded people to rise and cause to be formed an alternative political movement. The interim leadership of the progressive movement began a nationwide campaign to recruit members to form Interim Regional and Constituency Executives. The team visited all the ten regions of Ghana. In January 5, 2012 the party submitted an application to the Electoral Commission for registration in accordance with the Political Parties Act. The party received its provisional certificate on Friday 3 February 2012. The party went to the first National Convention on 25 February 2012 which was held at the Accra Sports Stadium. The Final Certificate was received on Thursday 15 March 2012. The party’s ultra-modern National Head Office Building is located at Asylum Down, Accra. The motto of the party is "Prosperity in Peace" with "Awake" as the slogan.