February 13, 1874: The Ashanti sue for peace with the British at Fomena

After the city of Kumasi, the Ashanti capital, was sacked by the army of Sir Garnet Wolseley, on February 4, 1874, the British sought to capture the Ashanti king Kofi Karikari.

He had fled the capital before the British arrival. They tried unsuccessfully to hunt him down. Kofi Karikari eventually sent his messengers to track down Wolseley, who was returning to the coast. The messengers announced to Wolseley that King Kofi Karikari wished to agree to terms for peace.

They met on 13th February 1874, at Fomena to conclude what became known as the Treaty of Fomena.

This harsh treaty, which included payment of an indemnity of 50,000 ounces of gold, renunciation of suzerainty over neighboring nations, cessation of rent payments from the forts, free passage on all roads and the suppression of human sacrifice. These conditions undermined the stability of the Ashanti Kingdom and Kofi Karikari was destooled in September 1874 and this treaty laid the groundwork for the eventual collapse of the Asante Empire in the years to come.