March 21, 1952: Nkrumah elected Leader of Government Business (Prime Minister)

On March 21st 1952, Nkrumah was elected by secret ballot to the Legislative Council after winning by 45 votes to 31 with 8 abstentions. Nkrumah requested independence within the Commonwealth. He went to Parliament to lay before it his Motion of Destiny. At the time, his challenges included holding together the fractious and incongruous 4 territories which were juxtaposed in proximity and propinquity, namely the Gold Coast Colony, Ashanti Colony, Trans-Volta Togoland and the Northern Territories. 

At 12 a.m. on 6th March 1957, the Gold Coast became Ghana, exactly 113 years after the Bond of 1844 was signed by Commander Hill. Danquah had researched and proposed the name Ghana. Danquah had wanted independence to be granted in 1954, but the push for federalism by the NLM made this most unlikely. - Kwame Atta Sakyi