March 6, 1844: Bond of 1844 signed by Fanti Chiefs and Britain

Military confrontations between Ashanti and the Fante contributed to the growth of British influence on the Gold Coast, as the Fante states—concerned about Ashanti activities on the coast—signed the Bond of 1844 at Fomena-Adansi,that allowed the British to usurp judicial authority from African courts.

” 1. Whereas power and jurisdiction have been exercised for and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, within divers countries and places adjacent to Her Majesty’s forts and settlements on the Gold Coast; we, chiefs of countries and places so referred to, adjacent to the said forts and settlements, do hereby acknowledge that power and jurisdiction, and declare that the first objects of law are the protection of individuals and of property.

” 2. Human sacrifices, and other barbarous customs, such as panyaring, are abominations, and contrary to law.

“3. Murders, robberies, and other crimes and offences, will be tried and enquired of before the Queen’s judicial officers and the chiefs of the districts, moulding the customs of the country to the general principles of British law.

“Done at Cape Coast Castle before his Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, on this 6th day of March, in the year of our Lord 1844.

” Their marks :
” X CuDjOE Chibboe (Kwadwo Tsibu), King of Denkira. 
” X QuASHiE Ottoo, (Kwasi Otu) Chief of Abrah. 
” X Chibboe Coomah, (Tsibu Kuma) Chief of Assin. 
” X Gebre, (Gyebi) Second Chief of Assin.
” X QuASHiE Ankah (Kwasi Ankra), Chief of Donadie.
” X AwoossiE, (Ewusi) Chief of Domonassie.
” (Signed) Quashie Ankah. ” Their marks :
” X Amonoo, Chief of Anamabo. 
“X Joe Aggrey, Chief of Cape Coast. 
” Witness my seal on the 6th day of March 1844, and the 7th year of Her Majesty’s (Queen Victoria) reign.
” (Signed) H.W. Hill, Lieutenant Governor (L.S.). 
” Witnesses, and done in the presence of : 
” (Signed) George Maclean, J.P. and Assessor (S.).
” F. PbGSON, Lieut. W. L Regiment (S.) Commanding H. M. Troops. 
” S. Bannerman, Adjutant of Militia (S.).”



J. B. Danquah

Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana

Vol. 3, No. 1 (1957), pp. 3-29