April 2, 1969: Lt. Gen. Ankrah resigns as Head of State of Ghana

Lieut. Gen. Joseph A. Ankrah Chairman of the National Liberation Council (NLC) resigned as head of state of Ghana on April 2, 1969 after having admitted that he had received money for political purposes from a private company. He was involved in bribery scandal involving Arthur Nzeribe, a Nigerian businessman. Results of an opinion poll conducted by Nzeribe, contracted by the NLC for that purpose, showed Ankrah as the most popular person in Ghana from a field of prominent politicians including Afrifa and Busia. A commission of enquiry revealed that he received C6,000.00 from Nzeribe which might have influenced the outcome of the polls. As a result Ankrah was forced to resign. It is suspected that other political machinations were at play beyond the bribery story that was circulated, that might have had a role in his resignation.