May 1, 1961: Nkrumah and the "New Guard" take complete control of the CPP

In May 1961 Adamafio replaced Gbedemah as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs. That September, charges of dereliction of duty and corruption were brought against several of the old guard, including Komla Gbedemah, Kojo Botsio, Krobo Edusei and A. E. Inkumsah. On May 1, Nkrumah aligned with the Adamafio wing took full control of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), assuming the offices of General-Secretary, Life Chairman and Chairman of the Central Committee. This marked the beginning of the implementation of the socialist agenda of rapid industrialization but this attempt to purge the party of corruption and pusrue Nkrumah’sdevelopment goals came at a great political cost.

Further reading: Coups, Rivals and the Modern State - Beth Rabinowitz.