On October 12, 1988, the PNDC government establishes the Judicial Council

On October 12, 1988, the PNDC government announced the establishment of a judicial council in the wake of criticisms from the Ghana Bar Association that the absence of such a council undermined the judiciary and encouraged corruption.

The Judicial Council, is chaired by the Chief Justice, with representation from key stakeholders in the area of justice delivery, including the Police, the Bar Association, Judicial Staff, the Attorney General, Justices representing the various levels of the Court system, a Chief from the House of Chiefs as well as some appointees, continued as a feature of the 1992 Constitution.

The functions of the Judicial Council include: (a) to propose for the consideration of Government, judicial reforms to improve the level of administration of justice and efficiency in the Judiciary; (b) to be a forum for consideration and discussion of matters relating to the discharge of the functions of the Judiciary and thereby assist the Chief Justice in the performance of his/her duties with a view to ensuring efficiency and effective realization of justice; and (c) to perform any other functions conferred on it by or under this Constitution or any other law not inconsistent with the Constitution. In addition, the Judicial Council may establish such committees as it considers necessary to which it shall refer matters relating to the Judiciary.