August 29, 1962: Tawia Adamafio, Ebenezer Ako Adjei and H. H. Coffie-Crabbe arrested and charged with Kulungugu assassination attempt

On August 29, 1962, almost a month after the attempt on Nkrumah’s life at Kulungugu, Mr. Tawia Adamafio, Minister of Information and Presidential Affairs, Mr. Ako-Adjei, Foreign Minister and Mr. H.H. Coffie-Crabbe Executive Secretary of the Convention People’s Party were arrested and detained under the Preventative Detention Act. They were however found not guilty by a panel of judges when they were tried and the Supreme Court judges involved including Chief Justice Arku Korsah were fired by Nkrumah as a result. Below is the only publication we have found claiming to have excerpts of that judgement: