February 5, 1885, Winneba Asafo rioters, executed in Accra

On February 5, 1885 the Asafo men arrested after riots in Winneba were executed in Accra. This followed violent disturbances between Tuafo and Dentsefo companies led to their prosecution at Accra on a capital charge, and finally the condemnation to death of a good many of those who took part in the riot. King Ghartey IV’s petition on their behalf failed to achieve anything. 

When they were executed eventually, it was noted that coincidentally, that all officials involved in the condemnation and execution died one after the other in the same year: the Queen’s Advocate who prosecuted, the Chief Justice who sentenced the people, the Sheriff who delivered them for execution, the Engineer who fixed the gallows, and Governor W. A. Young himself, who signed the death warrant and finally the gaoler (Trant), who conducted the last act of execution.