January Ghana History Moments in Review

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In January we revisited many consequential and interesting moments in Ghanaian history. Check out some of the topics that we covered below!

1. Police Constable Ametewee fails in assassination attempt on Nkrumah

2.  JE Atta-Mills wins election to become President of Ghana

3.  The Opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) filed a lawsuit challenging the results of Ghana's 2012 elections

4. The Progressive Peoples Party applies formally for registration.

5. The Trade Union Congress (TUC) call a general strike

6. Gov. Arden-Clarke imposes Peace Preservation Ordinance on Ashanti

7. John Dramani Mahama sworn in as President of Ghana

8. Positive Action Day declared by Kwame Nkrumah

9. JB Danquah re-arrested after Ametewee assassination attempt on Nkrumah

10. A Special Court was established to hear cases on security threats to the state

11. Exchange of Dutch possessions completed

12. Lt. Col. Ignatius Kutu Acheampong overthrows Prof. Kofi Busia's government

13. Ghana's first woman minister, Mrs Susanna Al-Hassan passes away

14. Sir Francis Scott enters Kumasi with British and West Indian troops

15. The foundation stone is laid for the construction of St. George's (Elmina) Castle

16. British Governor, Sir Charles McCarthy killed at Bonsaso

17. Kwame Nkrumah arrested as CPP banned by colonial government

18. Kumasi College of Technology is established

19. The Volta River Hydro-electric Project is inaugurated

20. Cape Coast erupted in riots over chieftancy succession

21. Osei Yaw Akoto becomes King of Ashanti

22. Chief Nii Kwabena Bonne II leads boycott of European goods

23. The Draft Constitution for the 2nd Republic presented

24. People's Movement for Freedom and Justice founded

25. Achimota (Prince of Wales) College opened

26. Elections and Public Offices Disqualification Decree

27. British Komenda natives reject Dutch takeover after Anglo-Dutch Agreement