March 9, 1955: Northern Peoples Party endorses federalism for the Gold Coast

The Northern People's Party (NPP) was a political party in the Gold Coast which aimed to protect the interests of those in the Northern region of Ghana.

The NPP's leader was Simon Diedong Dombo, the traditional chief of Duori in the Upper Region. Formed in 1954, the party contested the 1954 election and the 1956 election. In November 1957 it merged with other opposition parties in compliance with the Avoidance of Discrimination act which forbade ethnically based parties to form the United Party against the Convention People's Party . On March 9, 1955, this party along with the National Liberation Movement (NLM) endorsed federalism as the constitutional basis for independence.

Founding members of the party also included Mumuni BawumiaJ.A. Braimah, Tolon Naa Yakubu TaliAdam Amandi, Naa Abeifaa KarboImoru Salifu and C. K. Tedam.