August Ghana History Moments in Review

In August we revisited many consequential and interesting moments in Ghanaian history. Check out some of the topics that we covered below!

August Review.jpg

1: Nkrumah is injured by an attempt on his life from a bomb in Kulungugu.

2: Joshua Clottey wins IBF World Welterweight Title

3: Legislative Assembly votes for independence with the name "Ghana"

4: The United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) was formed

7: Battle of Dodowa (Katamanso)

9: Ebenezer Ako-Adjei, Tawia Adamafio, and HH Cofie-Crabbe tried for Kulungulu bomb blast

10: Odeefuo Boa Amponsem, King of Denkyira apologizes for the role of pre-colonial chiefs in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

10: British and French sign an agreement demarcating the boundary between the Gold Coast and the Ivory Coast

11: The University College of the Gold Coast is established by Ordinance

12: Legislative Act fixing the cocoa price for farmers passed on August 12, 1954

14: The British establish a garrison at Kintampo on August 14, 1896

16: Submission of Prempeh I after 4th Anglo-Ashanti War

16: The constituent assembly approves the constitution for the 2nd Republic

18: King Okai Koi of the Gas signs a treaty with Denmark for a permanent trading post- Fort Christiansborg

19: The Royal African Gold Coast artillery Force was disbanded

20: Income Tax Ordinance is passed by Legislative Council

25: Kwaku Dua I becomes king of Ashanti

28: Edward Akuffo-Addo is named President of the 2nd Republic

28: Prime Minister of 2nd Republic Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia Dies in London

29: Dutch successfully captured Elmina Castle from the Portuguese

29: Tawia Adamafio, Ebenezer Ako Adjei and H. H. Coffie-Crabbe arrested and charged with Kulungugu assassination attempt

29: Progress Party wins elections to form government of the 2nd Republic

31: Kojo Botsio and other CPP members arrested for attempting to overthrow NRC

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